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Architectural mapping "WONDER OF LIGHT" is a project presented at the "Света и Единства" Festival in St. Petersburg. It offers a unique visual experience where spectators can witness transformations of architectural objects.

The main idea of the project revolves around reinterpreting architectural designs and creating an illusion that the building comes to life, transitioning from a realistic state to a fantastical one. Through special projections and graphic effects, the building undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, changing its shape, colors, and textures, and creating a work of art on its facade.

About Project

Multimedia show


Creative director: Rashid Osmanov
Creative producer: Vlad Vorona
Producer: Polina Petrova
Concept artist: Eugenia Musina
Graphic designer: Albina Usmanova
Sound designer: Yusuf Bikchantaev
Motion designer: Ruslan Mustafin
Motion designer: Yuri Burlaka


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