Video production


Our team was well acquainted with the specifics of filming such a sport as judo. But this time we were tasked with shooting a motivational video for the international judo tournament "Grand Slam", where 70 countries represented by many sports legends and young champions participated.

According to the logline of the scenario, the boy comes to a judo school, trains for several years, changes and gets the black belt. The most difficult thing was to show the young man in three time periods, which means to find three very similar judoists in different age categories. For us, plausibility was highly important, which is why all the participants in the filming were professional athletes, not game actors. Balanced direction helped athletes not to be afraid of cameras, to relax and feel the pleasure of filming.

About Project

Client: Judo Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan
Director: Rashid Osmanov, Daniil Yunusov
Executive producer: Polina Petrova
Script: Daniil Yunusov
DoP: Arseniy Kozin
Edit: Rashid Osmanov
Color: Dmitrii Grigoryev
Assistant: Nikolai Krasilnikov
Drone pilot: Konstantin Klyuev
Camera technician: Ainur Galyatdinov



Multimedia show

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