Stage production


For a few days, the Mega shopping center turned into a gastronomic art space called "Delicious Boulevard".

The concept of the event was based on the search for the parallels between cooking process and creation of a piece of art.

About Project

The three-day program was very intense and included:
* 6 theatrical and choreographic productions;
* 5 videos dedicated to the art of cooking;
* 2 aerial acrobatic shows from Bastrigin Brothers:
* 1 singing performance which included a 10-meter-high dress, circus suspensions and acrobatic constructions;
* 5 cooking workshops;
* 3 stand up performances from Comedy Club.

The headliner of the event was the singer Elka.

Client: MEGA Kazan
Org: Immotion agency
Director: Rashid Osmanov
Sound director: Dmitrii Gencel
Light director: Irina Zaburdaeva
Show participants: Bastrigin Brothers, Cristian Jones, Comedy Club residents, Pavel Rudenko, Renat Agzamov, Virtus Crew
Headliner: Elka

Stage production



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